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One of the most inexpensive services, with many nice features for home and small business users.
While its great for small users (up to 4 phones) there are no services for medium sized businesses that need more than 4 phone lines
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Phone.com Review Synopsis

Phone.com, you have to admit, definitely has one of the best domain names in the entire market place. I have no idea how much they had to pay for their domain name, but it had to cost a fortune. So, do they deliver on their promise? Can they possibly live up to the potential of a domain name like phone.com? Lets find out

Overall, we were very pleasantly surprised by phone.com's offerings. Sometimes, when a company is positioned on such a hot piece of internet real estate like phone.com, you may expect their services to be over-priced, or somehow lacking in quality. But this is not the case at all for Phone.com. They not only offer a very competitive product, but it is also very high quality as well. Not only that, but it is one of the cheapest plans around if you are a small business or home user! For less than $5 a month, you get your own forwarding number and 300 minutes per month! Alas, there is always a catch, so it is not a toll free number, sadly. For that, you need to pony up about 10 bucks a month. Still a good deal though!

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Lets break down the Pros and Cons a bit further

Phone.com Pros

  • Cheapest priced plan for forwarding number that we have reviewed
  • No yearly contract required to get the $4.88 plan, it is truly a monthly price!
  • One of the best deals on a toll-free forwarding plan, you can get 2 numbers and 300 minutes for about $10 a month when you signup for a yearly plan
  • .049 cents a minute overage charge for all plans, very reasonable
  • For $30 a month you can get an unlimited minute analog phone extension, perfect for the small office user
  • Most plans come with a bunch of feature, 50 in total, including hold music, great menu systems, sms, fax, and too many more to list

Phone.com Cons

  • Nothing is perfect, right? Phone.com is nearly perfect for users that need less than 4 lines. Otherwise, not so much

  • Their "enterprise" plan only offers 4 analog phone adapters, so that's basically 4 phones for the office. Everyone else must bring their own cell phone

Phone.com Feature List

Too many features to list? Well, here they are! Most of these features are included with every plan. For more info, check out their feature list here

Phone.com features list: Address Book, After Hours Greetings, Analog Telephone Adapter, Area Code & Local Number, Selection, Block Surcharged Calls, Business Phones - Desk, Phones, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, Call Handling Rules, Call Logs, Call Recording, Call Screening, Call Transfer, Call Voice Tagging, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Caller ID Block, Caller ID Routing, Calling Cards, Chatcalls, Click to Call Buttons, Conferencing, Custom Menus - Phone Tree, Dial-by-Name Directory, Directory Assistance, Blocking, Do Not Disturb, E911 / 911 Dialing, Extensions, Fax In - Internet Fax, Fax out - Internet Fax, Follow Me, Free In-Network Calls, Global Numbers, Greetings, HD Voice (High Definition), Hold Music - Bring Your Own, Hold Music - Pre Recorded, In-Call Features, International Call Blocking, International Calling, Internet Voicemail Service, Internet Voicemail Service:, Email & Internet Voicemail, Delivery, iNum - Global Numbers, Local Number Porting, Menus (IVR), Mobile Office, Mobile VoIP, Online Account Management, Outbound Calls, Paging, Phone.com Mobility, Professional Recording, Services, Queues, Quick Dial – Speed Dial, Referral Program, Schedules, Second Line, SMS Notifications, SMS Send & Receive, Special Numbers (411...), Support 24x7, Text to Greeting, Text Voicemail, (Transcription), Three Way Calling, Toll Free Phone Numbers, Unlimited Calling, Vanity Toll Free Phone, Numbers, Virtual Phone Attendant, Voicemail,

TollFreeForwarding Review Conclusion

In conclusion, we give Phone.com 4.5 stars. We love their pricing, the ability to get a non toll free number so cheap, which is perfect for many small local businesses. We also love their HUGE feature list, which is so big, we can't even mention them all. Actually that's not true, we can mention them all, and we did above! For the prices they offer, the plans are a great deal, and whether you need just a forwarding plan, or a plan with an internet analog phone adaptor, you can get exactly what you are looking for for about $10-$35 a month. We call that a great deal, and a mighty good use of the phone.com domain.

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