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RingCentral Review Synopsis

RingCentral is one of the leading online phone service providers, and for a very good reason. They have an extensive quite of services that are right for businesses from very small to large, and everywhere in between. Now, any size business can sound like a professional company with call forwarding, an auto-receptionist, personalized voicemail, and other offerings. RingCentral divides their service offerings into three categories: Office, Mobile, and Fax. Below, we will break down each one and take a look at RingCentral Pricing as well. Now, lets gets started.

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RingCentral Office Suite Review

Ring Central Office Suite offers a "Complete cloud-based phone system for your business", with a ton of cool features. They break pricing into 4 main groups, from 1-3 users at $39.99 a month / user, 4-19 users at only $39.99 a month / user, 20-49 users at $26.99 a month / user, and 50+ Users at $24.99 a month / user. The most popular plan according to RingCentral is the 4-19 user plan, which makes sense, because as companies start to get larger the financial benefits of a soft-phone system start to erode slightly. Anyway, lets take a look at some of the other features of the business plans:

Ring Central Office Suite Benefits:

  • Unlimited Minutes for all accounts! (awesome)
  • 1,000 Included toll-free minutes (not bad)
  • Free Internet Fax Included!
  • Free 30 day trial for all accounts
  • Keep your existing phone and fax numbers with no transfer fees
  • Reliable phone and fax service
  • Implementation advisors to help get you setup, at no cost
  • 24x7 free customer support
  • No set up fees, no contracts required

Ring Central Office Suite Features:

  • Use RingCentral IP Phones or existing phones
  • Customers never get a busy signal
  • Multiple local and toll-free numbers
  • Customers are greeted by an auto-receptionist
  • Customers select an extension
  • Customize hours, greetings, and call forwarding

Overall, we like the RingCentral Solution for small and medium sized businesses, and think it can save companies a lot of money if they switch from a traditional service like Verizon. For smaller or more mobile businesses without a traditional office space, RingCentral offers a service called RingCentral Mobile. Lets check that out.

RingCentral Mobile Review

RingCentral Mobile is a great service for the small business that wants a big business phone service, giving you an 800 number, an auto receptionist, voicemail boxes, and more, for about $10 a month! Here is what you can get with RingCentral Mobile:

The mobile service has 3 plans, depending on the amount of calls you receive and the size of your business. Here is how they breakdown:

Feature Pro Pro Plus Pro Business
# of monthly local minutes: 100 1000 Unlimited
# of toll-free minutes same as above same as above same as above
# of permitted extensions 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Additional Features includes internet fax for free! Free internet fax, dial-by-name directory also included Free internet fax, dial-by-name directory also included
Cost per extra minute: 4.9 cents 4.4 cents 3.9 cents
Plan cost per month: $9.99 $24.99 $29.99
Other costs: No setup fees, but vanity numbers cost $30 to setup. Additional numbers are $4.99 a month each.
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Overall, the plans are pretty good, although the price jump from the Pro to the ProPlus plan is a bit steep in our opinion. Still, regardless of what plan you need, this is one of the most cost-effective ways possible to get an 800 number for your business. Its nice that the Fax is included in the monthly price, as that is a very useful feature. Just be aware, that those count against your total minutes quota as well, so if you receive a lot of faxes, you may need the more expensive plan. Also, the price above reflect the price points when paid on a yearly, not monthly basis, so it may be worthwhile to opt for the yearly plans in order to get the big savings.

RingCentral Review Conclusion

In conclusion, we give RingCentral 4 stars. They offer quality phone services for small and mid-size of businesses, from the smallest 1 person company to those of 50 people or so. Their features are among the best in class offered, and the nice bonus of free Internet Fax services with almost all their Virtual Phone Packages is really nice, since that can be a costly feature if you need that separately. However, on the downside, their prices are among the top in the segment, and some users may decide that they don't need the fax or other special features, and would be happier paying less money for other plans. At the end of the day, we think that RingCentral does give a lot of value for the money, with the most feature rich service and great customer support. And, with a 30 day free trial, you really can't go wrong by giving them a shot, we think its worth it!

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